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Swimming Pool Cleaning 101

Swimming Pool Cleaning 101

It’s summer! Time to jump in to that gloriously cool, sparkling, green swimming pool! Wait… green?

Chlorine and filtration systems can only do so much to keep the water clean, so let’s get some elbow grease going and see what we need to keep it more on the blue side of the spectrum.

Step one: Scrubbing the bottom of the pool by yourself could get a bit uncomfortable, to say the least, so get yourself a Telescopic Pole. These extendable poles are a must for pool owners, allowing you to readily reach across and to the bottom of your pool from one spot, and they work with multiple attachments for different tasks. You’ll likely want a skimmer net, brushes & squeegees, and a vacuum head.

The Skimmer Net is useful in taking care of any sizeable debris that finds its way into your oasis. Your filtration system can handle a lot of tiny things, but the larger leaves and other various things that end up in the water can cause it to clog or, worse, run down the motor. Make sure you’re skimming out any excess leaves etc. at least every other day, if not daily.

Brushes and Squeegees allow you to give the walls and floor of your pool a good scrubbing. While chemicals can, and do, take care of a lot, debris like the leaves you skim away still leave behind heavier sediment, which can create a breeding ground for algae. Scrubbing down the walls and floor knocks most of it free so your filtration system can eat it up. This task is also every other day to daily.

The Vacuum Head does exactly what it sounds like: It vacuums the floor of your pool. The difference between it and a brush is that the vacuum catches what it knocks loose in a mesh bag rather than letting your filtration system handle it, extending the life of your filtration system.

This is probably sounding like a lot more work than you bargained for, so there are alternatives. One is to move somewhere without a pool. In lieu of that, though, you could invest in a Robotic Pool Cleaner. It does the same as the vacuum head, but without all the manual labor. You’ll still need to brush down the sides of your pool, and it does come with a higher price tag, but it might be worth the sweat equity to you.

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