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Handling holiday planning: Part III of III

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Holiday Checklists

You’re down to the wire now, but don’t let it overwhelm you! It’s time to complete the last few steps before the big day. Use this final holiday checklist to get through it with your mind intact!

Dec. 16 – 23

  • Trim the Tree – You’ll want to do this early in the week. It’ll be close enough to your event and/or Christmas to stay fresh and allow you to enjoy it.

  • Clean (the rest of your) House – By now you’ve finished wrapping presents and put up all the decorations, so all that’s left is to get all your living areas presentable. Put on your favorite holiday music, and rock out with that vacuum. Don’t forget to make sure you have the dishware necessary for your guest list!

  • Meal Prep – This is a two-day checkbox: The night before your event, you can save time by preparing the foods that will hold overnight, such as potato dishes or cold dishes. Take care of the rest of the meal starting early on the morning of the event. You can also try to mix prep for items that will take a while to cook with prep for items that don’t require the oven or stove, such as sides of cranberry sauce or salads.

Extra Suggestions

  • Wrap As You Go – Don’t wait until the last minute to wrap up the gifts. Save yourself from yet another all-nighter (as well as a headache) and wrap your gifts as you bring them home.

  • Addresses to Go – Some stores will wrap and ship gifts directly for you, so make sure your contact list is with you and up to date with addresses, to save yourself extra trips to the post office!

Congratulations for making it through, and happy holidays from the APHW Family!

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