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Employee review: APHW’s company reputation holds up

With most of her career in mortgage insurance, Lana Mitchell knew a home warranty company could keep her in the real estate field—but she had her reputation to consider. “I’ve had home warranties before with bad experiences,” she said. “So I wasn’t going any further until I really checked out the company reputation.”

And America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) held up.

How to check out a company reputation

“I got references on them, they had the best ratings, and everything looked good,” Lana said. “Because I have a long career in the industry, this was important to me. My name and my reputation were solid, and I needed people behind me who could be trusted.”

Lana added that APHW’s differentials stood out to her as well. “Being able to choose your own licensed contractor is huge out there!” she exclaimed. “And I had a full tool chest to help me in my job, plus a whole team behind me, supporting me.”

A diverse group of businesspeople share stories and laughter

The company reputation included a family environment

APHW is also known for having a family work culture with supportive colleagues. When Lana’s brother passed away barely two weeks into her new job as an Area Sales Manager (ASM), the loss hit her hard. But the support of her new family environment felt like, “this company just wrapped their arms around me,” Lana said. “Steve Fletcher and I were out doing calls, and he asked me, ‘Would you like to pray?’ It was very special. I just thought… wow.”

Lana trained with Kim Leahy and Michele Loker as well, both of whom she’s now close friends with. “The culture, the values, the friendships that I have with other ASMs… I just feel very comfortable. We talk to this day!” she said.

Check out the business reputation for yourself

Discover more employee reviews and stories of APHW’s community engagement or call 800.648.5006 ext. 236 today to see what job opportunities await. “I definitely recommend APHW,” Lana said. “And I plan to stay here for a long time.”

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