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What Is a Home Warranty and Do You Need One? Pt. II of II

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Here's Part II of the series, featuring how a home warranty can help you as a homeowner.

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Do you need a home warranty?

While homeowner’s insurance is usually required to own a home, a home warranty is not. However, there are some good reasons to consider getting a home warranty, such as:

Budget protection: Repairing or replacing a broken system or appliance can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. A home warranty can cover some or all the expense depending on how your contract is structured, which protects your budget from taking a big, and often unexpected, hit.

Peace of mind: Homeownership can be stressful. Having a system or appliance break down which you use every day can make it even worse – and that’s not even considering the costs. A home warranty gives you someone to call for help, relieving much of the pressure that comes from situations like this.

A home warranty may not cover everything in your home, so it’s essential to read and fully understand the contract before signing. But if you’re worried about something going wrong with one of your home’s systems or appliances and not having the money to cover it, a home warranty can be a smart move for homeowners on a tight budget.

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