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We’re Not Shocked: Electricians Rock!

shocked electricians rock

Electricity defines the way we live now more than ever. We need it for most forms of entertainment, and even travel. It powers our appliances, our lights, our home systems, our water heaters (and our running water for that matter). It lets us stay up late at night without burning down the house… or does it? For all of its purposes, electricity still needs a trained hand if something goes wrong. That’s why we’re celebrating Contractor Appreciation this month by calling out the Sparkies: THANK YOU ELECTRICIANS!

Trained and licensed electricians are the reason you and I can live safely in our homes. They can help prevent common electrical house fires or burned out appliances with the occasional home visit and electrical assessment. And it’s important to call a licensed electrician if you have any electrical issues behind the wall—for you AND your family’s continued safety. After all, unless your home is brand new, you really have no idea what the previous homeowners might have ‘configured’ back there!

So to all the licensed electricians out there, please accept this loud and resounding THANK YOU from America’s Preferred Home Warranty, for keeping our customers safe!

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