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TERMINATED: Keeping Termites at Bay


Did you know that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) now offers optional coverage for Termite Control? Of course we hope you never need it, but we also did some research to help keep the little buggers away from your home. And let me tell you: Nothing quite gets your skin crawling like reading about termites.

We all know that termites like to chew up wood (to the tune of $5 Billion in property damage every year). But did you know that cool, moist wood is their favorite snack? Or that they can build “mud tubes” across your foundation to the wood paneling?

There’s a lot you can do to keep the little buggers away though! So check out these 13 Must-Know Tips for DIY Termite Control* to keep your prevention practices in check.

If you do find a termite infestation, we strongly recommend calling in the professionals to make sure every last one is evicted—the last thing you need is for them to come back! But we may be able to help with the cost with our new optional Termite Control coverage at APHW. Call 888.351.3681 for details today!

*America’s Preferred Home Warranty is not affiliated with and has not collaborated with Family Handyman in any capacity.

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