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Selling real estate during the holidays

A two-story yellow home with white windows is fully decorated with green, red, and white Christmas lights, garlands, and a Nativity scene out front on the left; the front yard is covered with snow, and there is a red and white "For Sale" sign out front on a white post with a red and white rider sign that has the full APHW logo on the left side in red on a white background, and the words "HOME WARRANTY INCLUDED!" in white on a red background on the right side; it's flanked by 2 houses w/ trees behind

Many clients move during the summer, but for some, sudden life changes or opportunities cause them to sell during the holidays. The holiday real estate market can favor buyers, but you can help your clients maximize a move during sweater weather by using our S.A.L.E checklist below.

S: Staged home for the holidays

Now is a great time to help potential buyers easily envision celebrating in your client’s home. To appeal to more people, incorporate general symbols of the holiday into your staged home designs, such as:

  • Evergreen garlands
  • Pinecones
  • Snowmen
  • The ever-popular fresh desserts
A white woman with brown hair places a Christmas wreath adorned with pine cones, holly, fake snow, and mini ornaments on a cherry wood door


A: Appeal to the most motivated buyers

Many buyers who move during the holidays want to be settled before year’s end. Reach out to resources they use. If you’re looking to find motivated buyers now, hold an information session for those seeking available housing in your area.

L: Let winter open houses run longer

More people take time off at the end of the year, making it a great time to hold an extended open house and draw more visitors. Hold a simultaneous in-person and virtual open house so those from outside the area can participate. Your clients can even check off two things at once by using that time to do some holiday shopping!


A person in gray-brown snowpants, a blue jacket, reddish-brown shoes, and black gloves uses a gray shovel with a black and red handle to clear a sidewalk of snow


E: Examine the property for winter home safety

No one wants a potential buyer to suffer a slip and fall injury at a showing. If you get snow, have a plan in place to keep walkways shoveled and salted. Offer shoe covers at the door to avoid the mess of shoe prints throughout the house.

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