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Fall Home Checklist

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Fall officially begins in just a few days, and for many, it feels like there are still a million things left to do. Have no fear—our fall home checklist will help you tackle the big tasks and start your fall on the right note.homeowner 

Stock Up

  • Add some emergency staples to your grocery list (i.e., pop-tab canned beans and bottled water), as well as items you use more of during the colder months, like baking ingredients, tea, and supplies for holiday entertaining.

Scrub Down

  • Give each room a top-down dusting (fans and vents included).
  • Wash your windows so the sun can easily shine through and add warmth.
  • Clean the grill and deck to avoid an unpleasant mess come spring.

Store It

Shrubs, Trees, and Grass

  • Lawns need love, too. Fertilize your yard to block potential damage from the cold.
  • Shrubs and trees should be pruned after their leaves turn colors.
  • Tree limbs that hang near power lines, your roof, or over a space where cars are parked should be cut back to reduce the risk of damage during a storm.

Safety Check

  • Go through your home and vehicle emergency kits to see what needs to be tossed and replaced, including batteries and over-the-counter medication.
  • Check your home for radon and test all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Make sure you have plenty of ice melt and durable snow shovels and scrapers.
  • If you have snow blowers and/or generators, make sure they are functional and that they have enough fuel.

Stay Warm

  • Now is also a great time to check for drafts from doors, windows, and baseboards. Cracks can be filled with caulk or spray foam.
  • Cover your A/C window units or bring them inside for the season.
  • If you have an attic, make sure circulation is adequate, and that none of the vents are blocked.

Covering your bases can make this fall and winter your best ones yet. When unexpected major appliance breakdowns occur, having the coverage of an APHW home warranty can be a great benefit, too. Call 866.462.9957 or visit APHW.COM today for more information.

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