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Back to School Home Organization

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Summer is winding down, and many households are resurrecting backpacks once more. Amidst the excitement, there’s one item often left off the back-to-school shopping list: The home. Here are some tips on how to make your living space work smarter during the next school year.  


Is the kitchen table big enough for the kids to do their homework? Where can they play their instrument? Organizing your home for back to school means designating spaces for your kids to readily get things done. Look around the house and figure out where your children can do their best work with the least distraction. Depending on the needs of your kids, that may be the kitchen table, their bedroom(s), a guest room, or outside.


With these examples, let’s look at how spaces can be designed to work. If the kitchen table is too small, there may be room for a small desk in a bedroom if you rearrange the furniture. The student who plays an instrument might find the best seat in the house in the basement by the window, so they can play away and read their sheet music in the afternoon light.

These opportunities can create great bonding experiences over deciding what materials will be used to prepare the space, with room for your child’s personality—and perhaps a little DIY.


If you’re not certain if a child will stick with a particular pastime, go with semi-permanent or easily repurposed solutions (i.e., a desk that could become a buffet in an entryway, or an area rug that works for yoga as well as band practice).

Focusing on how you will use each area, like we discussed in our article on Comfort Decorating, can help you make each room your own and take it from a frenzied place to a functional space that has the features you need. 

Parents and those who also watch children, don’t forget—you may need a spot in your home that gives you the freedom to focus, too. We could all use a designated space to relax or get some work done!


Once you’ve got a rhythm going, take a moment to appreciate it! Many schools celebrate things like 100 days of class, or the end of a season. Take the time to not only recognize how far your children have come in the school year, but how you’ve been able to make your home work better for you in the process.

Whether practicing, playing, or doing homework, you and your kids can do your best work when the design of your home matches the function of your life. When that gets disrupted by the sudden failure of a major system or appliance, America’s Preferred Home Warranty can step in to get things up and running again. Call 866.394.8767 or visit APHW.COM for more information today.

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